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Tarion Awards of Excellence

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Tarion Award of Excellence
The Tarion Awards of Excellence are the only awards in Ontario that recognize builders exclusively for customer service. 

View the 2015 Tarion Awards of Excellence finalists.

View the 2014 Tarion Awards of Excellence recipients.



Qualification Criteria  
Finalists and recipients for the 2015 Tarion Awards of Excellence were determined by a comprehensive survey sent to almost 49,000 new homeowners who took possession of a new home between October 1, 2013 and September 30, 2014.  Survey questions were designed to assess homeowner satisfaction with after-sales customer service. To be considered, builders must have had at least five possessions during the survey timeframe.  In addition, a minimum number of completed surveys must have been received to ensure that homeowner responses could be fairly evaluated.

Builders competed in four categories:

High-Rise Builder of the Year
> 100 high-rise possessions

Large Volume Builder of the Year
> 100 possessions

Medium Volume Builder of the Year
21-100 possessions

Small Volume Builder of the Year
5-20 possessions

For more information, please contact:  Melissa Yollick, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications,
(416) 229-3863,