Homeowner Education

Tarion devotes considerable resources to helping homeowners understand the benefits and limitations of their new home warranty.

The tools we provide include a Tarion Homeowner Information Package which builders are required to give to each new home buyer on or before their date of possession. It describes warranty coverage in detail and the process for making a claim. The addition in 2009 of our homeowner portal, MyHome, offers purchasers information and a convenient way to manage their warranty online. It provides access to personalized enrolment and warranty information and allows them to submit warranty forms quickly and easily and receive email from Tarion highlighting key warranty dates and information.

To create awareness about MyHome and help ensure new homeowners understand their warranty deadlines, we began sending a welcome package this past year to all purchasers during the first 30 days after they move into their new home. It contains a letter with personalized warranty dates, highlights the benefits of registering on MyHome and includes a “10-Minute Warranty Guide” DVD which is also available on tarion.com along with a growing library of webinars about new home warranty coverage. We also reached out to homeowners through our Contact Centre and regular homeowner correspondence to help increase awareness about the features and benefits of MyHome. In addition to the above educational tools, Tarion places corporate advertising online and in the new home sections of various newspapers and magazines and publishes a regular column in the Toronto Sun under the byline of President & CEO Howard Bogach which highlights issues of relevance to new home buyers.

Builder Support

The last several years brought significant evolution to the new home marketplace in Ontario. Rising consumer expectations, reduced land availability and changing demographics have been a reality for some time. These trends combined with demand for “green” technologies put many builders in a situation that required them to look differently at how they do business.

Tarion has a dedicated Builder Relations team that helps ensure builders understand and comply with their obligations under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act. They monitor projects in order to flag potential problems and help builders deal with after sales service issues before they escalate. In addition, Builder Relations helps facilitate the sharing of best practices within the residential construction industry and offers technical, administrative and customer advice to help builders understand the warranty requirements.