Management is responsible for the integrity of the financial statements and operational information presented in this Annual Report. The financial statements have been presented in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles and reflect management’s best estimates and judgments. Financial information presented elsewhere in the Annual Report is consistent with these financial statements.

Management maintains a system of internal controls, to provide reasonable assurance that all assets are safeguarded and to facilitate the preparation of relevant, reliable and timely financial information.

The external actuary who is appointed by the Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that the assumptions and methods used in the determination of the warranty liabilities are in accordance with accepted actuarial practice.

The external auditors have examined and reported on the annual financial statements.

The Audit Committee, consisting of non-executive directors, has reviewed these financial statements with management and the external auditors and has reported to the Board of Directors, which has approved the financial statements.

Howard Bogach
President and Chief Executive Officer
April 21, 2011

Edmond F. Lee
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
April 21, 2011