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Revocation of Registration

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Under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act,  Tarion has the power to refuse an application for registration or renewal, and to suspend or revoke a builder or vendor’s registration. Tarion may choose to take such action for a number of reasons, including situations where a builder or vendor fails to provide Tarion with financial information or required security.

The following is a list of vendor/builders who have had their application refused, or their registration revoked, refused or suspended.



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    Numbered Companies
    1003 Queen East Holdings Limited (Film Studio Lofts)
    1010960 Ontario Limited (Whalley Homes)
    1059658 Ontario Limited (Highpoint Custom Homes)
    1061993 Ontario Ltd.
    1084693 Ontario Ltd.
    11 Christie Street Inc. (11 Christie Street)
    1151354 Ontario Inc. (D'Angelo Homes)
    1156664 Ontario Inc. (Royal Quality Homes)
    1162709 Ontario Limited
    1174767 Ontario Ltd.
    1220384 Ontario Limited
    1222159 Ontario Inc.
    1224441 Ontario Ltd. (Mayberry Homes by Design)
    2311888 Ontario Inc.
    1269706 Ontario Limited
    1281515 Ontario Inc.
    1287708 Ontario Limited (Nova Construction)
    1298477 Ontario Limited
    1319250 Ontario Limited
    1339321 Ontario Inc.
    1367518 Ontario Limited (Alpine Springs)
    1369450 Ontario Limited (Romance Homes)
    1403478 Ontario Inc. (Anchor New Homes)
    1405292 Ontario Corporation
    1417199 Ontario Limited
    1419111 Ontario Inc. (Green Haven Homes)
    1427386 Ontario Ltd.
    1429665 Ontario Ltd.
    1430994 Ontario Inc.
    1441660 Ontario Inc. (Sunrise Homes Durham)
    1449028 Ontario Inc. (Hespeler Heights)
    1458936 Ontario Ltd.
    1468171 Ontario Inc.
    1478238 Ontario Inc.
    1483751 Ontario Limited
    1485995 Ontario Inc. (Lauren Group Homes)
    1486010 Ontario Ltd.
    1497601 Ontario Limited
    1500569 Ontario Limited
    1501233 Ontario Limited
    1518525 Ontario Inc.
    1522046 Ontario Ltd.
    1530800 Ontario Limited
    1531415 Ontario Inc. (Crimson Bridge Developments)
    1552411 Ontario Inc.
    1570102 Ontario Inc.
    1583835 Ontario Inc.
    1587265 Ontario Limited
    1597761 Ontario Inc.
    1598490 Ontario Limited
    1600002 Ontario Inc. (Carrington Homes)
    1603977 Ontario Limited (Iannucci Custom Homes)
    1615942 Ontario Ltd.
    1616896 Ontario Inc. (T.L.C. Home Centre)
    1623004 Ontario Limited
    1627184 Ontario Inc.
    1634271 Ontario Inc.
    1634802 Ontario Inc.
    1637737 Ontario Inc.
    1641911 Ontario Limited (Silverland)
    1646505 Ontario Inc.
    1650737 Ontario Inc. (Rollinson Homes)
    1659711 Ontario Inc.
    1661983 Ontario Limited
    1666045 Ontario Inc.
    1677353 Ontario Limited
    1679578 Ontario Limited
    1680287 Ontario Inc.
    1694498 Ontario Limited
    1698797 Ontario Inc. (JTJ Developments)
    1718661 Ontario Inc.
    1746972 Ontario Inc.
    1760062 Ontario Inc.
    1786654 Ontario Inc.
    1788143 Ontario Inc.
    1809454 Ontario Inc.
    1871 At The Locks Developments Ltd.
    1872334 Ontario Inc.
    1890308 Ontario Inc.
    2005569 Ontario Inc.
    2017841 Ontario Inc. (Lansen Homes)
    2022297 Ontario Limited
    2030581 Ontario Limited
    2033363 Ontario Limited (Johnason Group)
    2040900 Ontario Inc.
    2054302 Ontario Inc. (Danielli's Custom Home)
    2055065 Ontario Inc.
    2063179 Ontario Inc.
    2066779 Ontario Limited (Darwood Homes and Renos)
    2102839 Ontario Limited (Queensgate Gardens)
    2110403 Ontario Inc.
    2122157 Ontario Ltd.
    2135714 Ontario Ltd.
    2146081 Ontario Inc.
    2155987 Ontario Limited (The Courtyard On Merton)
    2192174 Ontario Ltd.
    2230498 Ontario Ltd.
    2311888 Ontario Inc.
    2709333 Canada Inc.
    30 H Developments Inc.
    3463524 Canada Inc.
    4144619 Canada Inc. (Canter Homes)
    4291751 Canada Inc. (Les Constructions Laurent Labrie)
    45 Connaught Holdings Inc.
    510750 Ontario Limited
    561732 Ontario Limited (Donwel Construction)
    6052827 Canada Inc.
    615002 Ontario Ltd.
    621245 Ontario Ltd.
    6224202 Canada Limited
    6300243 Canada Inc.
    635967 Ontario Limited (Sanco Builders)
    6364144 Canada Inc.
    6382983 Canada Inc. (Brigil Homes)
    6459480 Canada Inc.
    6793673 Canada Inc.
    695059 Ontario Inc.
    7103735 Canada Inc.
    712305 Ontario Ltd. (Lia Homes)
    731351 Ontario Limited
    732231 Ontario Ltd.
    7713673 Canada Inc.
    783422 Ontario Inc. (Baywood Homes)
    810630 Ontario Limited
    846194 Ontario Limited
    851878 Ontario Inc.
    8589950 Canada Inc.
    861791 Ontario Limited
    876750 Ontario Ltd. (Graycliff Homes)
    877934 Ontario Inc.
    878212 Ontario Ltd. (GM Homes)
    902836 Ontario Inc. (Thamesview Estates)
    927669 Ontario Inc.
    952478 Ontario Inc. (Flowerday Homes)
    993785 Ontario Limited (Don Linton Construction)
    995347 Ontario Inc. (Josh Construction)
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    A & M Luxury Homes Design Inc.
    Abbotsford Group Inc. (Abbotsford Group Design/Build)
    Abdolvahab Pak (Camran Homes)
    Abdul Islam
    Abe N. Klassen
    Absolute Development Inc.
    Adam Gabrysz
    Advantage Development Plus Ltd.
    A.F.J. Pavlovic Homes Corp.
    AL-Car Sand and Gravel Ltd.
    All Season Homes Ltd.
    Allan Bradley
    Amicorp Developments Inc.
    Amir Charmchi
    Amir Hossein Farrokhkish
    Anderson Development Group Ltd.
    Andrew Campian
    Andrew Carl Maloney
    Anthony and Rose Gomes
    Anthony Caramico and Tania Caramico
    Anthony James Giorno
    Anthony Marrocco
    Anthony Mota & Jarda Novotny
    Anthony Richard Homes Inc.
    APA Holdings Inc.
    Apollo Custom Homes Inc.
    Araz Salek
    Arbon Group Inc.
    Arcee Inc.
    Armani Homes Inc.
    Armenti Brothers Masonry Limited
    Aspden Developments Inc.
    Attila Bogdan
    Augusta Park Homes Ltd. (Augusta Park Homes)
    Avalon Home Builders Ltd.
    Azeez Bacchus
    Azzure Custom Homes Inc.​
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    B & C Contracting (Kenora) Inc. (B & C Contracting)
    Badaan Construction and Design Inc.
    Barbara Zaijka-Kozlowski
    Bayshire Homes Ltd.
    Beach Triangle Townhomes Ltd.
    Bell Core International Construction Ltd.
    Belle View Construction Corp.
    Bernadette Brenda Wilkins (Fox Plumbing/Builders)
    Best Homes Ltd. (Best Homes Ltd.)
    Birchmount Townhomes FBM Ltd.
    Black Construction Services Inc.
    Blue Crescent Development Ltd. and Mark Pillinini
    Blue Crescent Developments Ltd.
    Blue Forest Homes Inc.
    Blue Sky Homes Inc.
    BMG Property Investment Management Services Inc.
    Bolt Developments Inc.
    Boris Singer and Nadia Singer
    Brenda Jean Fiederlein
    Brian and Heather Kleinsteuber
    Brian Frederick Collins & Douglas Carl Hanson
    Brooke Properties Inc.
    Bruce Colero
    Building Block (Barry's Bay) Ltd. (Building Block)
    Burbank Construction Inc. (Burbank Construction)
    Bymarc Inc.​

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    C.F.I. Holdings Inc.
    Cambridge Homes Inc.

    Canada National Construction Inc.
    Carl Ryan
    Carlhaven Enterprises Inc.
    Carlo Taurasi
    Caroline Mills & Karen Lynch
    Castle Custom House Ltd.
    Castlestone Developments Inc.
    Chad Jewell
    Chandwati Devi Jagsarran
    Chanel Holdings Limited
    Chettle House Realty Inc.
    Christian Robert Decoste (Decoste Construction)
    Christopher Giansante, Brian Giansante, Filippo Giansante
    Cindy Dumevski, Violeta Dumevski and Dragi Dumevsk
    Clairtrell Mews Inc.
    Clare Anne Webb
    Classic Log Homes Inc.
    Coho Enterprises Limited
    Condor Developments Ltd.
    Construction Unlimited Quality Homes Inc.
    Corneliu Leonte (Enterprise Construction)
    Cornerstone Estates Ltd.
    Country Charm Homes Inc.
    Craig Short
    Crossland Homes Inc. (Crossland Homes)
    Cutters Quest Land & Cattle Co. Ltd.​
    Cyress Design & Construction Inc.
    Cyrus & Associates Inc.

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    Daimler Retirement Parks Ltd.
    Dairy Lane Heights Inc. (Dairy Lane Heights)
    Dalcor Inc.
    Dan Peel Construction Inc.
    Dan Roy
    Daniel James Wegg (Wegg Homes)
    Danieli Development Group Inc.
    Dany DeCamillis
    Darcom Construction Ltd.
    Darin J. Burns
    David Frenette
    David Horbatiuk
    David J. Lee
    David J. Piggott Construction Inc.
    David L. Angelis (Angelis Construction)
    David L. Kozy
    David Lovie
    David W. Loder
    Deluxia Homes Inc.
    Dema Consulting Inc.
    Demasi Contracting Inc. (Demasi Homes)
    Dennie Taurasi
    Dermont Homes Inc.
    DFC Developments Scugog Inc.
    Diamond Contracting Ltd.
    Dimecom Inc.
    Dino Karageorgiou
    DL Management Inc.
    Dolce Homes Ltd.
    Domanski Construction (2005) Ltd.
    Dome Management Inc.
    Don Marion
    Donald F. Roughley & Associates Inc.
    Dondeb Inc.
    Downey Renovations & Construction Inc.
    Dudley Wyatt Stetler (Brandy Creek Home Improvements)
    Duke Homes Inc.
    Dundas Enterprises Inc.
    Durlon Construction Inc.
    Dynasty Developments Ltd.

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    Earth Park Developments Inc.
    Edgewater Muskoka Estates Inc.
    Edile York Inc.
    Elmara Construction Co. Limited
    Embassy Investments Inc.
    Empire Concrete (Hamilton) Inc.
    Estate Homes By Oak Orchard Ltd.
    Everett Country Homes Inc.​

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    F.W.R. Construction Ltd.
    F'N'S Developments Ltd.
    Family Home Builders Corporation
    Farid Bakhty Soroosh

    Farid Habibi
    Fex Construction Company Limited
    Fieldstone Homes Ltd.
    Fincore Developments Inc.

    Fireside Technologies Inc.
    Fisherman's Pier Inc.

    Fleetwood General Contracting Inc.
    Foremost Homes Inc.
    Four Points Construction Inc.
    Four Winds FBM Ltd.
    Foxglove Estates Inc.
    Frank Agostino
    Frank Cornacchia-Tanga
    Frank Rocha Construction Ltd.
    Fred R. Reyner​

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    G. A. Testa Enterprises Inc.
    Galtek Homes Inc.
    Geldon Properties Inc.
    George Alebakis
    George Hoy
    George Snizer and Ana  Daviana Schnitzer
    George Tawil
    Gerhart Grath Construction Limited
    Gianluca Verna
    Gilles J. Bedard
    Gloria Dabous Assaly and Thomas Christopher Assaly
    Goddard Construction Inc.
    Goldcorp Inc. & Goldcorp Canada Ltd. (Red Lake Gold Mines)
    Gold Haven Construction Ltd.
    Gold International Inc.
    Gordon Drive Inc.
    Greenland Developments Corp.
    Greg Keenan (Tyler Homes)
    Greyfield Construction Co. Ltd.​
    GTM Enterprises Ltd.

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    Hanim Yoksul

    Harvest Homes of Kawartha Lakes Ltd.
    Harvey Juric
    Hawkesbury Roofing & Renovations Inc.
    Hena Frid

    Herb Cordeiro
    Heron Ridge Developments Inc. (Heron Ridge Homes)
    High Life Homes Ltd.
    High Park Lofts Ltd. (High Park Lofts)
    Highpark Development Inc.
    Hofstrand Contracting Ltd.
    Horizon Homes Custom Contracting Inc.
    Hubert Shaver Dobbie
    Huttonville Acres Limited (Forest Homes)
    Hyundai Construction Inc.​

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    I Live Here Investments Corp.
    IL Dream Homes Ltd.
    Image Floor Coverings Ltd.
    Incredible Homes Inc.
    Infinite Homes Limited
    Ion Patasan
    Iourii Barsouk and Rostyslav Barsuk
    Ironwood Homes Incorporated

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    J. D. Strachan Construction Limited
    James B. Fraser & Sharon Fraser (Woodleigh Homes)
    James Donald Wood and Amy Vermilyea
    James Mercure
    Jannet Developments Inc.
    Jason Roundpoint (Ironwood Contractors)
    Jaswinder Khaira
    Jay Peacock
    Jewel Valley Developments Inc.
    Jewell Developments Inc.
    Joanne Henry & Yvon Henry (Yvon Custom Homes)
    Johal Corporation
    Johdan Developments Ltd. (Mac Homes)
    John Hebert
    John Nattress
    John Pellanda Construction Limited​

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    K C International Realty Group Inc.
    Kam Chi Ng
    Kanata Land Corporation
    Kappeler Masonry Corporation
    Karl Rose
    Ken Temple Contracting Ltd.
    Kenholmes Inc.
    Kenric Allim
    Kenric Allim and Viorel Priala
    Kenric Allim and Viorica Priala
    Kenmor Custom Builders Inc.
    Kenneth Thomas Hunter
    Khadem Corp.
    Kilo Construction Incorporated
    Kimberley Falls and Graham  Ritchie
    King Ranch Homes Inc.
    KPD Development Inc.
    Kris Gorr
    Krzysztof Dobosz​

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    Lakeshore Homes Niagara Inc.
    Lakeshore Village Bronte Phase II Inc.
    Lambert's Walk Development Corporation
    Lancer Galt Inc.
    Larry Bisch and Patty Bisch
    Laura H. Skilling
    Laurentiu Oprea and Mihaela Oprea
    Lawctor Holdings Inc.
    Lawrence Avenue Group Limited
    Lidia Cerundolo
    Lions Construction Ltd.
    Limestone Homes & Construction Inc.
    Lloyd Diehl & Brenda Charbonneau (Chardiehl Carpentry)
    Londonderry Residential Group Inc.
    Lopez Rocco General Contracting Ltd.
    Lucky Star Drywall & Acoustical Tile Contractors Ltd. (Trades Master Construction)
    Lucky's Homes Inc.
    Luigi Amendola
    Lynnwood Quality Homes Inc.
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    M & C Thibert Developments Inc.
    Mahdy Sheidaei Gandovani
    Manico Inc.
    Manizheh Aleagha
    Maple Court Properties Inc.
    Maplestar Carpentry Ltd.
    Marcon Homes Limited
    Marina Park Resort Inc.
    Mario Campobasso
    Mario Miguel Rocha
    Mark James Chappel (MJC & Associates)
    Mark Pillinini
    Markham Greensborough Investments Ltd.
    Martin Vereyken
    Martina Menalo
    Marvin K. Contracting Limited
    Mar-Wil (Canada) Inc. (Corunna Shores Condominiums)
    Massoud Torabi
    McCall Homes Inc.
    McKirdy Homes of Cobourg Inc.
    Mead Management Services Inc.
    Medd Master Builders Ltd.
    Mediterranean Homes Inc.
    Mehrab Hamrazian
    Memoirs Estates Inc.
    Meric Homes Inc.
    Merk Investments Ltd.
    Metron Construction Inc.
    Michael Khodabandehloo
    Miles Thomas Toomer
    Mohammad Aslam Goraya
    Mohammad Mehdi Haj-Shariei
    Mohssen Kianifar
    Morteza Shaghaghi
    Mr. Pro Panel Installers Inc.
    Myriam De Souza​

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    N.B.S. Canadian International Inc.
    Napred Homes Inc.
    Nanak Homes Inc.
    Nashid Construction Corporation
    Nathan Charles Hannah
    Nestlay Construction Ltd. (Nestlay Homes)
    New Era Development (2011) Inc. (New Era Development)
    Nipissing Siding & Windows Ltd.
    North America Concrete Finishers Ltd.
    North Paramount Building Systems Inc.
    Northern Heritage Homes Ltd.
    Northern Heritage Limited​
    Numa Realty Partners Inc.​ (Castlepoint Numa)

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    Oakland Construction Windsor Ltd.
    Oakland Homes Inc.
    Oakridge Design Build Ltd.
    Omada Homes Inc.
    One Rainsford Inc.
    Ontario Stair Lifts Ltd.
    Orangemar Inc.​

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    P. Peloso, L. Peloso, M. Peloso, G. Lussier
    Pallah Homes Inc.
    Palma Nicolo
    Papineau North Shore Farms Inc.
    Paradigm 2000 Inc.
    Paramount Homes Inc.
    Parex International Inc.
    Parkset Homes Ltd.
    Parminder Marwaha
    Passion Homes Ltd.
    Paul Keeping
    Paul Krotz Construction Ltd.
    Paul Souvalian and Talin Maltepe
    Paul Terziano
    Payam Khazanbaik
    Pedersen Developments Corp.
    Peter Cowie
    Peter Khin Voong
    Petersfield Developments Ltd.
    Philippe Jr. Cayer (Habitations PSC Homes)
    Pierre Lortie
    Pietro Mastromatteo & Resa Mastromatteo
    Pivot Deco Inc.
    Presidential Homes (Erskine) Limited (Presidential Homes)
    Prestigious Estate Homes Ltd.
    Pride Homes by Fred Hendriks Inc. (Pride Homes)
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    R. N. Construction & Renovations Inc.
    R.R.G. Hillman Contracting Limited
    Radu Dariciuc
    Radu I. Segal
    Randy Clarke
    Randy Wood
    Rawlings Constructors Limited
    Rav Design + Build Inc.
    Rayken Homebuilders Inc. (Rayken Homebuilders)
    Raymond Starkman
    RBB Development and Consulting Inc.
    Realvest Properties Inc.
    Regal Heritage Homes Inc.
    Regatta On The Canal Inc.
    Reidco North Ltd.
    Reid's Legacy Homes Inc.
    Reza Razzagh
    Reza S. Nasab
    Rhythm Design Build Corp.
    Rice Commercial Group Inc. (Bayview Village)
    Richard Molenaar
    Richmond Properties Inc. (Richmond Homes)
    Right  Angle Craftsman Inc.
    Ringas Enterprises Inc.
    Riva's Emporium Ltd.
    RLC Stratford LP (Royal Palisades)
    Robert D. Kasner
    Robert George Henderson
    Robert Henry Douglas
    Robert Menard
    Robert Pullen
    Robert Zablocki (Zab Homes)
    Robots Holdings Inc.
    Rocket Homes & Property Management Inc.
    Roman Stachnik
    Romspen Investment Corporation
    Ronald Joseph Blair
    Rosapac Devs. Inc. & Fayette Devs. Inc.
    Royal Haven Homes Inc.
    Royal Town Homes Limited (Royal Town Homes)
    Royal Vista Homes (Weston) Ltd.
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    S.E.H. Developments Ltd.
    Safeguard Homes Ltd.
    Salim Concrete Inc.
    Sam Vogan
    Samuel Rusu
    San Fili Homes Inc.
    Sandstone Development Corp.
    Saraka Homes Limited
    Sarnia Land Management Inc.
    Schon Builders Inc.
    Scollard Capital Inc.
    Sean Regan Development Group Limited
    Sedona Development Group Inc.
    Sef Eddin Dewana
    Senarra Homes Inc.
    Serra Valley Homes & Development Ltd.
    Sewa Construction Ltd.
    Seyed Hossein Khousari Nejad
    Shahab Hamraz, Sherry Farasami, Farbod Tooryani
    Shawn Poitras and Nicholas Poitras
    Sherwood Custom Homes Inc.
    Sierra Construction Inc.
    Siljon Far Hills Ltd.
    Siljon Investments Inc.
    Silper Corporation (Silper Homes)
    Sirous Salami and Shahrzad Gharah-Gozlou
    Skycon Developments Ltd.

    Skylake Investmnts Ltd.
    Skyline Custom Homes Inc.
    Slack Lumber & Supplies Limited
    Smeda Home Improvements Ltd.
    Soltanian Custom Homes Inc.
    Sowerby/Dimakos Builders Inc.
    Specialty Renovator Ltd.
    Stephen Paul Hopson
    Steve Cus Construction Inc.
    Steve The Builder Inc.
    Steven Ippoliti (Royal Builders)

    Stienridge Homes Inc.
    Straightline Hospitality Inc.
    Stramore Inc.
    Stubbs Enterprises Inc.
    Svia Homes Limited​

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    T.G. Anderson Construction Company Limited
    T.R. Renovations Ltd.
    Talisman Development Corp.
    Tamar Svadjian
    Terrance Gertner
    Terrence M. McLaughlin
    Terry Knappett Enterprises Ltd.
    Terry Robbins
    The Hampton Group Ltd.
    The Robin Construction & Development Group Inc.
    Thibert Homes Inc.
    Timmerman Timberworks Inc.
    Titan Contracting (Windsor) Inc.
    T-Mar Homes Ltd.
    Tom Chevalier Homes Ltd.
    Tony L. Cresswell & Janice Ann Cresswell
    Top Deco Design Ltd.
    Touchwood Custom Homes Inc.
    Trican Homes Inc.
    Trillium Crossings Inc.
    Triomphe Home Builders Ltd.
    Tropic Homes Limited​

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    Unique Home of Niagara Ltd.​
    Unique Lifestyle Homes Inc.

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    V.I.P. Property Maintenance Inc.
    Valber Construction Ltd.
    Valley Homes Realty Ltd.
    Van Halteren Brothers Carpentry Ltd.
    Vasili Isaev and Irina Isaeva
    Vasken Yeretsian
    Vendor Developments Inc. (Old Oak Homes)
    Vespa Holdings Limited
    VGO  Enterprises Inc.
    Viceroy Building Solutions Limited
    Vicora Homes Inc.
    Villa Verde Homes Inc. (Villa Verde)
    Village Grove Corporation
    Vilson Da Silva
    Vincent Brogno
    Vinegrove Homes Heritage Heights Inc.
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    W. Van L. Construction Inc.
    Wade Pychel
    WCM Development Corp.
    Westport Beach Development Corporation
    Whitehall Homes & Construction Ltd.
    William M. Ireland
    Wilrik Homes Ltd.
    Windermere By The Lake- Lakeview Towers Inc.
    Windleigh Holdings Corp. (Park Lane)
    Windridge Custom Homes Inc.
    Woodland Estates Inc.
    Wright New Homes & Siding Inc.

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    Yaser Kermani
    Yorkdale Group Inc.​

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    Zahra Gheshlaghi and Abolghasem Hashemi-Dehaghi
    Zaid Al-Bargash
    Zamani Homes (Lorraine Park) Ltd.
    Zareena Bacchus
    Zazco Homes Ltd.​

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