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New Home Buyers

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If you're considering purchasing a new home, congratulations! It's an exciting and rewarding process.

To help you prepare, we've developed 10 Tips for New Home Buyers which offer some ideas about how to choose a home that is right for you, where to find legal and financial advice, and what is covered under the warranty that comes with most new homes built in Ontario.


Tarion Provides Important Protection

Your home’s warranty protection begins even before you move in.  As soon as you provide a down payment, you receive Deposit Protection. And if your builder delays the closing of the sale without giving you proper notice, you may have a right to compensation.
After moving in, you're entitled to One Year, Two Year and Seven Year warranties. Each comes with certain limits and obligations, so it's important to understand what is covered and how to make a claim.  Tarion provides a number of online resources that will help you learn more.

Homeowner Information Package - A Guide to Your New Home Warranty

The Homeowner Information Package is an important publication created by Tarion, which provides a general overview of warranty coverage.
Take some time to become familiar with its contents, which describe:
  • The statutory warranties that apply to all new freehold and condominium units built in Ontario
  • The responsibilities of homeowners, builders and Tarion
  • The process used by Tarion to handle statutory warranty claims
As a new home buyer, it’s important that you pay close attention to the specific time periods for completing Statutory Warranty Forms and submitting them to Tarion when making a statutory warranty claim. The Homeowner Information Package describes these timelines in detail. By not submitting these forms on time, you may jeopardize your warranty rights.
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