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The Statutory Warranty Process

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The process you must follow in order to protect your statutory warranty rights involves the submission of Tarion's statutory warranty forms within specific timelines.  You need to be aware of the timelines for submitting these forms or you may delay – or even jeopardize – your claim.  
Warranty coverage offers you security  even before you move into your home. Pre-move coverage includes deposit protection and delayed closing and occupancy protection.
The remaining warranty coverage takes effect on the date you take possession of your new home.  Other important dates flow from there. On or before your date of possession, your builder will provide you with a Homeowner Information Package (HIP).  This is your new home warranty guide and includes the statutory warranty forms you will need to submit claims.
The first thing to remember if you have a problem is that you should talk to your builder. Most builders happily provide after-sales service.  If you believe your concerns have not been properly addressed, you can involve Tarion by submitting one of the following statutory warranty forms.

30-Day Form  30 Day Warranty Form

This is your first opportunity to notify Tarion of any outstanding warranty items you may discover after moving in. 
You may submit this form any time during the first 30 days after you take possession of your new home. Please note that if you do not submit the form on time, you will have to wait and apply the items listed to your Year-End Form. 
To learn more about what's covered, here is a description of the one year warranty.
You can download a copy of the 30-Day Form from our Forms page.


Year-End Form   Tarion Year End Warranty Form

Your second opportunity to involve Tarion in a warranty issue is when you are nearing the first anniversary of your home’s date of possession. The Year-End Form can only be submitted during the last 30 days of your first year of possession.   Please note that if you do not submit this form on time, your next opportunity to involve Tarion is by submitting a Second-Year Form.
To learn more about what's covered, here is a description of the one year warranty.
You can download a copy of the Year-End Form from our Forms page.

Second-Year Form  Tarion Second Year Warranty Form

A Second-Year Form can be submitted anytime during your second year of possession. Learn more about what is covered by the two-year warranty and the next steps in the warranty process.
You can download a copy of the Second-Year Form from our Forms page.





Major Structural Defect Form  

There is also a seven year limited warranty that covers Major Structure Defects (MSDs) that may affect the safety of the dwelling. 
MSDs are almost always structural in nature, such as the failure of a load bearing wall.  These claims can be made anytime during the warranty. 
Learn more about the seven year warranty.  To obtain a copy of the MSD Form, please contact us at 1-877-982-7466.

Request a Conciliation 

If your builder doesn’t repair or resolve warranted items during the initial builder repair period, you can request that Tarion conduct a conciliation inspection. After the inspection, Tarion will adjudicate the dispute and determine a final resolution.
If you have been through the statutory warranty process but are unsatisfied with the result you have the right to appeal a Tarion claim decision to the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT).  
If you believe you have been treated unfairly by Tarion you may contact our Ombudsperson.   (Please note:  Before involving the Ombudsperson, homeowners must first try to resolve a complaint by working through the established statutory warranty process)