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Please note that the statistical information contained in the chart below is updated on a quarterly basis and is current as of September 30, 2013.
Sundial Homes
Registration Number: see Registered Names of Umbrella Group members below
Address: 4576 Yonge St. Ste. 500
Date of initial registration (yyyy/mm/dd): 1987/07/15
Sales & Marketing Contact Person: Elena Reid
Telephone: (416)224-1200
Fax: (416)224-1214
Web Site:
E-mail Address:
Homes under the new Customer Service Standard (see Note)
YearNumber of Possessions 1Number of Chargeable Conciliations 2 Homes with Claims 3Dollars Paid In Claims
Homes prior to the new Customer Service Standard (see Note)
YearNumber of Possessions 1Number of Chargeable Conciliations 2 Homes with Claims 3Dollars Paid In Claims
Registered NameRegistration Number
Burl 9 Developments Limited38437
Sundial Homes (Applewood) Limited25980
Sundial Homes (Wellingdale) Limited27012
Sundial Homes (Berczy) Limited27014
Sundial Homes (8th Line) Limited27015
Sundial Homes (Maple) Limited27016
Sundial Homes (Beech) Limited27017
Sundial Homes (River Run) Limited25804
Sundial Homes (Brick) Limited25329
Sundial Homes (Box Grove) Ltd.26126
Sundial Homes (Mosaics) Limited26134
Sundial Homes (Ajax Audley I) Limited38608
Centre Town Developments Limited28145
Innis Village Development Corp.30605
Sundial Homes (Churchill) Limited28102
Laudervest Developments Limited30915
Sundial Homes (Sheridan) Limited33393
Sundial Homes (Newmarket) Ltd.18503
Sundial Homes (Bronte) Limited31059
Sundial Homes (Bovaird) Limited21500
Sundial Homes (Wellingdale) Ltd.21405
Forest Heights (Aurora) Inc16532
Sundial Homes (Burl 7) Limited35934
Sundial Homes (Wentworth) Limited31330
Sundial Homes (Milton) Limited31339
Sundial Homes (Castlemore) Limited41630
Sundial Homes (Milton 1B) Limited35023
Sundial Homes (Joshua Creek) Limited33871
Sundial Homes (Winterport) Limited26762
Sunterr Inc.20422
Sundial Homes (Snowcap) Ltd.24346
Sundial Homes (Gardens) Limited24626
Sundial Homes (Milton 38) Limited36924
Sundial Homes (Ajax) Limited35329
Sundial Homes (Carousel) Limited22640
Sundial Homes (Osprey) Limited22641
Sundial Homes (Fairways) Limited25078
Upper MunicipalityLocal MunicipalityCommunity
Durham RegionAjax AJAX
Halton RegionBurlington BURLINGTON
Halton RegionMilton MILTON
Halton RegionOakville OAKVILLE
Hamilton RegionHamilton DUNDAS
Peel RegionBrampton BRAMPTON
Peel RegionMississauga MISSISSAUGA
Toronto RegionToronto TORONTO

Notes: *   The data above does not include chargeable conciliation and claim figures for homes with a date of possession between October 1, 2003 and September 30, 2004. Builders were given this period to make necessary operational adjustments to comply with the Customer Service Standard which came into effort for homes with a date of  possession on or after October 1, 2003.

Searches involving an Umbrella Group (which is a group of builders sharing at least one common officer, director, principal or partner) list only currently registered companies. However, the possession, chargeable conciliation and claims data may relate to previously registered companies that are not part of the current Umbrella Group.

For specific information about each registered builder, click on the specific builder name.

1.   A possession occurs once a purchaser has the right to take occupancy of a freehold home or a condominium unit.

A chargeable conciliation occurs if a builder and a homeowner disagree about whether an item(s) is covered under the Ontario new home warranty program and, after an inspection by Tarion, the item(s) is found to have been covered under warranty.

Note: There are circumstances where an item(s) may have been found to be warranted, but the builder did not receive a chargeable conciliation. For example, if the homeowner has denied the builder access to their home, or if a decision made by Tarion is overturned by the Licence Appeal Tribunal, a chargeable conciliation will not result.


The "Homes with Claims" column refers to situations where the builder has not resolved a homeowner claim and Tarion has stepped in to work directly with the homeowner either making repairs or a cash settlement. The cost of the repairs or the amount of the settlement is indicated in the column titled "Dollars Paid in Claims".

Note: There are circumstances where Tarion has paid a claim or made a repair, but there is no reference in the Homes with Claims and/or Dollars Paid in Claims column. For example, if the issue was a major structural defect (MSD) reported to Tarion after the second year of possession, the builder is not involved because after the first two years coverage is provided by Tarion directly.