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Emergency Coverage

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woman on phoneAn emergency is defined as any warranted deficiency that, if not attended to immediately, would likely result in imminent and substantial damage to the home, or represent an imminent and substantial risk to the health and safety of its occupants.

Examples include:  Total loss of heat between September 15 and May 15; a gas leak; total loss of electricity or water supply; total sewage stoppage; plumbing leakage that requires complete water shut-off; a major collapse of any part of the home’s exterior or interior structure; or any situation where—in the opinion of Tarion—the home is uninhabitable for health or safety reasons.

* The above examples do not include emergency situations due to the failure of a municipality or utility to provide the service.

Homeowners should not undertake any work without giving the builder the opportunity to assess the problem and take corrective measures. Homeowners will not automatically receive reimbursement from the builder or Tarion, and completing the work may affect warranty coverage.

Emergency Checklist

1. Call the emergency contact telephone number provided by the builder. (Condominium owners should also contact the  condominium corporation’s Board of Directors and/or the Property Manager). 

2. If you are unable to reach the builder or if the builder does not correct the situation within 24 hours, contact Tarion for further assistance.

3. If damage to builder-installed materials results, do not repair it. If you cannot reach Tarion or your builder, and have no other option but to have the work completed, you or a contractor should correct the emergency condition only and document the problem with pictures, both before and after (if possible). 

Submit an Emergency Form to Tarion as soon as possible after completing the repair with a copy to your builder.  Forms 
are available by calling 1-877-982-7466.  Include all receipts/invoices received for work and materials. 

If the builder is responsible for the emergency item, they will handle any resulting damage within 30 days of the homeowner's notice to them and Tarion.  If the builder fails to repair the resulting damage, Tarion will work with the homeowner directly to settle the matter.