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How to Make a Warranty Claim for Homes

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Statutory warranty coverage is provided by your builder, and if necessary backstopped by Tarion.  For this reason, although claim forms should be submitted to preserve warranty rights, homeowners should work with their builder first to resolve any defects that arise.  If you run into a dispute about coverage, please follow the steps below to involve Tarion in your claim.

Step #1:  Complete a statutory warranty form

In your first year of possession you have two opportunities to file a statutory warranty claim:

1. A 30-Day Form may be submitted during the first 30 days of possession.  It should list any unresolved warranty items from the Pre-Delivery Inspection and any new items that have come up since you obtained possession of the home. Note:  Tarion will only accept the first 30-Day Form that is submitted.

2. A Year-End Form may be submitted during the last 30 days of the first year of possession.  It should list any items that are still unresolved and any new items that have come up.    Note:  Tarion will only accept the first Year-End Form that is submitted.

In your second year of possession you may submit a Second-Year Form any time for items covered under the Two-Year or Major Structural Defect Warranty.  More than one Second-Year Form may be submitted.

After the second year of possession only major structural defect (MSD) issues will be considered.  You can make an MSD claim any time before the end of your seventh year of possession.
Step #2:  Submit your warranty form on time

The easiest way to ensure your form is on time is to use MyHome which lets you manage your warranty online.  MyHome users receive email alerts about deadlines and convenient online correspondence about their claims.  

Warranty forms can also be submitted by courier or mail. If you would like to use a paper form, please call us at 1-877-982-7466 to obtain a copy. Once we receive your form, Tarion will send a notice confirming that it has been received on time.  Submission by regular or registered mail is effective on the postmark date.  Forms sent by regular mail must be received by Tarion on or before 10 days after the submission expiry date for that particular form.   If a form is sent by registered mail and the postmark is missing or illegible, the date on the receipt provided by the post office will be used.  

Where a time period ends on a weekend or holiday, it is extended to the end of the next business day.  Submission periods are subject to a December 24 to January 1 (inclusive) Holiday Period.

Step #3:   Continue to Work with Your Builder

When you send in a 30-Day, Year-End or Second-Year form, this triggers an initial 120 day period during which your builder should repair or otherwise resolve warrantable items. During this initial repair period, homeowners should work with their builder to resolve any issues submitted under the statutory warranty.  In certain circumstances a builder may be prevented from making repairs within 120 days however, most items will be successfully resolved.   If items remain outstanding, please proceed to Step #4 below.

Please note:  If your builder is bankrupt or otherwise insolvent, Tarion will work directly with you to settle outstanding warranty items.

Step #4:  Request a Conciliation

If a builder does not complete repairs or otherwise resolve warranted items by the end of their initial 120 day repair period, you have 30 days to contact Tarion and request a conciliation inspection.  The builder will then have 30 more days to complete the repairs or otherwise resolve items on the statutory warranty form that was submitted. 

Please Note: Conciliation Inspections can now be scheduled online using MyHome. To learn more about conciliation inspections, and how to book them online, please click here.

Important!  If a conciliation inspection is not requested during this period, Tarion will consider the items listed on the statutory warranty form to be resolved

Step #5:  Prepare for the Conciliation

After a conciliation inspection is scheduled, you should send Tarion your purchase agreement and any schedules, amendments, attachments or photos that could support your claim.  Additionally, as you prepare for the conciliation, please take a moment to read our Video and Audio Recording Policy.

Step #6:  Tarion Completes the Inspection

Tarion will contact you prior to your scheduled inspection.  If all repairs are not completed, we will conduct the scheduled inspection with you and your builder’s representative present. 

A $250 fee (plus applicable taxes) will apply unless one of the items listed on the statutory warranty form is warranted in which case the fee will be refunded.  

At the inspection we will assess whether or not a disputed item is covered by the warranty and/or whether a completed repair meets industry standards and/or the Construction Performance Guidelines.  We will then prepare a report outlining which items the builder must resolve and which, if any, are not covered under the statutory warranty. 

Step #7:  Claim Resolution

Tarion will contact you 30 days after the date on the report to confirm that all warranted items have been repaired or otherwise resolved.  If any items remain outstanding, we will work directly with you to resolve them.