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What's Covered and What's Not

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In general, statutory warranty coverage is available for the vast majority of new homes in Ontario.  The coverage is fairly broad but is not comprehensive. 

The statutory warranties do not cover all forms of new residential construction and the warranties have certain exclusions and limitations.  The following sections provide additional detail with respect to these matters.

Homes That Are Covered

Homes that are covered provides more detail as to what is considered a new home eligible for statutory coverage under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act.

Types of Homes Not Covered

Before you purchase a new dwelling it’s a good idea to determine whether it will be covered under the statutory warranties.  Most newly constructed residential dwellings are covered, but there are some types of homes that are not covered.

Items/Deficiencies Not Covered

If a new dwelling in the first instance is covered by the statutory warranties, there may yet be exclusions or limitations that will restrict the application of the statutory warranties.  An understanding of the items/deficiencies that are not covered will help prevent unfulfilled expectations of the statutory warranties.