The Certificate of Completion and Possession and Warranty Certificate (CCP/WC) contains information regarding the enrolment number of the home, the address of the home, the homeowners name, the date of possession/occupancy and the final sale price of the home.

The execution and submission of a CCP/WC is a requirement of your registration.

If you are registered with BuilderLink. a CCP/WC will be made available to you through BuilderLink for each home (freehold or condominium unit) you enrol. For a condominium project you will also receive a CCP/WC for the Common Elements portion of the project. (Please review the CCP/WC to ensure that the preprinted information is correct, i.e. municipal address of the home etc.)

If you’re not currently registered with BuilderLink, we encourage you to register today. BuilderLink is Tarion's online service for Vendor/Builders. With just a few clicks, you can:

• Enrol homes;
• Review Statutory Warranty Forms and reports;
• Track repair timelines;
• Manage inspections; and
• View service and administrative statistics

Register today​ for BuilderLink.

If you’re not a BuilderLink user, the CCP/WC will be sent to you and it must be executed and returned to Tarion within 15 days of the closing or occupation of a home. You can submit your CCP/WC via mail to:

Tarion Warranty Corporation
5160 Yonge Street, 12th Floor
M2N 6L9

Please see Builder Bulletin 34 for more details about the CCP/WC.