New homes (both freehold and condominium units) built for sale or under the terms of a construction contract must be enrolled with Tarion prior to construction.  
The enrolment process for freehold homes and condominiums is outlined below.

  1. Obtain an enrolment form by calling the License and Underwriting Department at 1-877-696-6497 ext. 3001 or through e-mail at: L&
  2. Complete one form for each freehold home or condominium unit and send it to Tarion together with the required fee as per the Tarion Enrolment Fee Table.  Make cheques payable to Tarion Warranty Corporation. 
  3. Enrolment and payment of fees for single homes must occur on or before the date their building permits are issued. 
    Enrolment and payment of fees for multi-unit projects must occur at least 30 days before construction begins - that is to say, 30 days before commencement of excavation for, or construction of, foundation components or elements (such as footings, rafts or piles) for the building.
  4. Any required security must be included with the enrolment form. Vendors/Builders will be advised of any security requirements at the time of registration or renewal.  Please see Builder Bulletin 28 (Revised) for more information about the posting and release of security.
  5. Retain a copy of each enrolment form for your records. Please-mail forms to: 

Tarion Warranty Corporation
Licensing and Underwriting Department
5160 Yonge Street, 12th Floor,
Toronto, ON
M2N 6L9

Enrolments are typically processed within three business days if the enrolment information received is accurate and complete.
Vendors/Builders will receive a Certificate of Completion and Possession (CCP) as confirmation of each home enrolled with Tarion.