The Two
Year Warranty
The Seven
Year Warranty


The One Year Warranty

Your home’s statutory one year warranty coverage begins on the date you take possession of the home and ends on the day before the first anniversary of this date. The one year warranty is provided by your builder and it requires that the home be:

Constructed in a workmanlike manner and free from defects in material.

​Fit for habitation.

​Constructed in accordance with the Ontario Building Code.

​Free of major structural defects4.


The statutory warranties remain in effect even if the home is sold.

Note: Your home’s date of possession will be specified in your Certificate of Completion and Possession
and in some cases may not be the same as your Closing Date.

Terms such as “workmanlike” and “free from defects in material” are not intended to mean perfection.
Reasonable tolerances should be expected.




Tarion’s decisions about warranty coverage are based on industry-accepted standards, many of which are

gathered for ease of reference in the Construction Performance Guidelines​.

4 Major structural defects are specifically defined in the Act.