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Tarion is committed to providing a timely notice in the event of a planned or unexpected disruption of services or facilities that may be used by persons with disabilities. These may include, but are not limited to, closed washrooms, facilities, elevators that are inoperable due to maintenance and our website that is temporarily unavailable.

In the event of a disruption to services or facilities, Tarion will notify customers promptly.
Notice of the disruption will include:

  • information about the reason for the disruption
  • anticipated duration
  • description of alternative facilities or services (if possible)

Notice of the disruption will be provided by:

  • posting information in a conspicuous place on the relevant Tarion premises
  • posting on Tarion’s website (www.tarion.com)
  • media (as appropriate)

Notify us of a Disruption

To report a system or facilities disruption, please see our Feedback section.




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