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Annual Public Meeting

​​Since 2009, Tarion has held an Annual Public Meeting (APM) to provide interested stakeholders with an update on the organization, and an opportunity to direct questions to Tarion’s management and employees. 

Tarion's 2020 Annual Public Meeting

The 2020 Annual Public Meeting was held via webcast on Tuesday, July 14, 2020. The full recording is now available and can be watched here.

Your Questions

We address as many submitted questions as we can during our live APM webcasts. The process to submit questions will be outlined at the start of the meeting. To submit questions, please use the Q&A button that at the bottom of your screen during the meeting. You are welcome to submit your questions at any point during the meeting and when we get to the Q&A portion of the program, the questions the panel are answering live will appear on the screen for everyone to see. Please note that your name will appear with your question.

Due to time constraints, we are unable to address every submitted question live on the webcast.

However, we do make general questions and their answers available to the public here on Tarion.com. Use the links below to access all the questions and answers from one of our APM webcasts:

2019 Questions and Answers

2018 Questions and Answers

2017 Questions and Answers

2016 Questions and Answers

Over the years, responses to many commonly asked​​ homeowner questions have been posted to our website. Click here​ to read our “You Asked Us” section. 


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