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Dispute Resolution Review

​​As part of its ongoing public interest and consumer protection commitment, including improved dispute resolution practices, Tarion hired Ms. Genevieve Chornenki, an independent, third party dispute resolution expert, to review its processes. The results of this review have now been received. They include an assessment of Tarion’s current dispute resolution processes, as well as recommendations for improvement.

This review was initiated by Tarion and Ms. Chornenki was provided full and unfettered access to Tarion’s business including its records and staff. Tarion’s purpose in commissioning this review was to better understand its warranty claim processes from a homeowner’s perspective and to obtain recommendations for improvement.  The report offers a number of suggestions for improvement, including improved communication methods with homeowners and builders, dispute resolution training and the hiring of third party consultants. None of the recommendations involve disrupting Tarion’s operation or dismantling what Tarion has developed to date.

An overview of Ms. Chornenki’s report can be accessed here.

The full report which was delivered to Tarion on September 1, 2015 can be found here.

Dispute Resolution Performance Standards

Dispute resolution standards




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