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Tarion steps up if you have to step out
February 9, 2017
Tarion steps up if you have to step out

When Sofia moved into her new home in the spring of 2014, she began compiling a list of deficiencies regarding her new home—as any proactive new homeowner would. One of her main concerns was her stairs: either the top step was unusually tall, or the ceiling was unusually low. Everyone who saw it seemed to agree. There was definitely something off.

Get a second opinion from Tarion

When she contacted her builder about the stairs, her builder claimed they were within Ontario Building Code requirements. This didn’t sit well with Sofia, so she contacted Tarion to get a second opinion. She submitted a warranty form, but her builder didn’t get around to completing the repairs during the required repair period, so she went back to Tarion and requested a Tarion inspection. However, before the inspection could get underway, Sofia had to be hospitalized.  

A Warranty Services Coordinator can be your best friend

When the unexpected happens, such as you getting hurt or sick and needing to be hospitalized, what happens to your warranty claim with Tarion? Does it get put on hold? Not necessarily.

A Warranty Services Coordinator can help by working with your builder to get any outstanding repairs in your new home completed during your absence.

So rather than put things off until Sofia came out of the hospital and was able to continue with her claim herself, Glen – her Tarion Warranty Services Coordinator—decided to step in. He worked with her builder to get whatever outstanding repairs done before Sofia came home.  

Get a pro to get it doneTarion steps up if you have to step out

When it came to her stairs, Glen requested measurements and photographs be taken so that a Tarion Warranty Services Representative could review them and make sure Sofia got every repair she was legitimately entitled to.

Sofia’s builder agreed to adjust the ceiling height to allow for a higher riser, and completed ceiling repairs to provide the headroom clearance required under the Ontario Building Code.

Tarion Warranty services rep to the rescue

The Warranty Services Representative asked the builder to check if the ceiling height above the flight of stairs could accommodate the higher riser. The good news? Sofia’s builder agreed to adjust the ceiling height to allow for a higher riser, and completed ceiling repairs to provide the headroom clearance required under the Ontario Building Code. Thanks to the combined efforts of her Warranty Services Coordinator, Glen, and the Tarion Warranty Services Representative, Sofia got the fix she needed. (And expected.)

Way to go, Glen!

Going one step further, Glen spoke with Sofia’s builder and was able to negotiate the completion of non-warranted items, since they were already going back to address the ceiling anyway. The builder completed the necessary ceiling repairs to accommodate the proper headroom clearance and repaired other items as a courtesy.

Tarion can go the extra mile

When Sofia came out of the hospital she was thrilled at what transpired while she was away.  She was very thankful to Tarion, and Glen in particular, for going above and beyond the normal call of duty to ensure the stairs in her new home were properly built and other issues were resolved as well.

Lessons Learned

  1. Tarion covers documented builder construction specifications and warranties.
  2. New homeowners must submit a warranty form to Tarion for any outstanding repairs.
  3. New homeowners can work with a Tarion Warranty Services Coordinator if they cannot continue with their claim due to circumstances beyond their control, such as hospitalization.
  4. A Tarion Warranty Services Representative will review deficiencies to ensure you get every repair you are legitimately entitled to.

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