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When you and your builder can’t agree
March 8, 2018
When you and your builder can’t agree

Knowing that your new home is protected by a seven-year builder’s warranty gives you peace of mind. But finding yourself at an impasse with your builder over warranty repairs can be frustrating and stressful. What do you do when you and your builder can’t agree? This is where Tarion can help. Tarion’s role is to backstop your builder’s new home warranty. This means that if your builder is unwilling or unable to address your concerns about your warranty claims, Tarion will step in to assist you.

Our responsibility is to resolve disagreements about warranty coverage when you and your builder are unable to do so.

How we can help

There are steps you have to take before we can help you. First, you have to submit a warranty claim to Tarion within the proper timeframe using one of our forms. The forms include the 30-Day Form, the Year-End Form, the Second-Year Form and the Major Structural Defect Form. One of the easiest ways to submit a form is through MyHome – Tarion’s online portal that owners of a newly built home can use to manage their warranty. MyHome is available on Tarion’s website and also as an app that can be downloaded for Android and Apple mobile devices from the App Store or Google Play. Register with MyHome to find out when you can make a warranty claim to Tarion and to find the proper form for your warranty claim, fill it out and submit it easily from your computer or mobile device. Submitting the form triggers a repair period, and your builder is expected to resolve all of the items on your form that are covered by the warranty during that period. It’s also important to know that Tarion Warranty Services staff are available to provide warranty information and help resolve any disputes between you and your builder during the builder’s repair period.

If you’re still not satisfied

If your builder does not resolve you’re the items on your warranty claim form by the end of the repair period, you can request a conciliation by Tarion. A conciliation is a process in which Tarion assesses whether the items on your warranty claim form are covered by the warranty and need to be resolved. There’s a fee of $282.50 when you request and schedule a conciliation. However, if Tarion determines that at least one of the items on your form is covered by the warranty, the fee is refunded.

How to prepare for a conciliation

There is some amount of preparation needed before you participate in a conciliation. You are responsible for providing all of the information and documents that you want Tarion to consider when assessing your claim. This can include written documents, photographs, audio and video recordings, information stored electronically and even physical objects. The conciliation is conducted by a Tarion Warranty Services Representative who is neutral and impartial. The conciliation may include an inspection of your home and a review of relevant documents, such as your purchase agreement. After Tablethe conciliation, the Warranty Services Representative will provide a report that explains Tarion’s warranty assessment of the items on your form. It’s important to remember that there may be items on your form that are not covered by the warranty. For example, defects and damage that were not caused by your builder will not be warranted. If Tarion assesses an item as warranted, your builder will have a final repair period to resolve it. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll resolve your claim directly with you. One last piece of advice: if you and your builder find you can’t agree on repairs or warranty coverage, don’t wait until you’ve reached a complete impasse before asking Tarion for help. Contact us early — the sooner, the better. That way we can get involved early on to facilitate resolution of your dispute. Know that we’re here to help.

The goal of this blog is to provide you with general information about the warranty process by sharing real experiences from new homeowners. The blog should not be relied upon as legal advice. For privacy reasons, we will not address or resolve current cases in a public forum, so any comments or questions that are posted on this site that describe individual cases cannot be discussed. If you have a question about your warranty or Tarion generally, we would be pleased to discuss your issue, in the context of your particular circumstances and in confidence. We exercise reasonable care to avoid offensive, illegal or defamatory content from being posted, as well as comments that are intended solely for self-promotion or considered to be spam.