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Whether you own a new home or condo, are considering buying one, or just love to dream about it, the Open Door blog is here to share stories that can help you protect what is likely the biggest investment of your life.

The Open Door blog is published by Tarion, a non-profit corporation that administers Ontario’s New Home Warranty Plan and registers all new home builders in Ontario. Click here to learn more about us.


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Every home deserves a little spring TLC
April 26, 2018
Grass House

With winter behind us and the weather warming up, we can finally say goodbye to heavy winter coats, snow boots, gloves and hats. Hello to spring fashion!

When you trade your winter gloves for gardening gloves and snow shovels for rakes, remember your new home had to endure the winter elements too and now needs some attention.

But let’s not forget that your closet isn’t the only thing that needs a little spring cleaning. When you trade your winter gloves for gardening gloves and snow shovels for rakes, remember your new home had to endure the winter elements too and now needs some attention. Every season your new home needs some loving care. Spring maintenance helps your home recover from the winter and prepare for the warmer temperatures. We understand life gets busy and sometimes some chores end up on the backburner, but home maintenance shouldn’t.

Why is new home maintenance so important?

The answer is: when you ignore or disregard the regular maintenance your home needs, any damage caused because of that neglect may not be covered by your warranty! Here’s a handy checklist that breaks down what you should do and when.


  • Clean furnace filter (or replace if necessary), heat recovery ventilator and humidifier (once every month)
  • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors (once every month)
  • Check and reset ground fault circuit interrupter (once every month)
  • Check attic for any sources of moisture or leaks due to snow or rain
  • Check sump pump (if installed) is in good condition and has no obstructions
  • Remove snow and ice from places that are easy to reach, including overhang and vents


  • Check eavestroughs are clear of debris and downspouts are extended away from the building and clear away any obstructionsSpring Maintenance
  • Inspect basement or crawl spaces for any sources of moisture and ventilation
  • If you spot loose or cracked shingles, hire a roofing expert to fix
  • Check driveways and walks for frost damage
  • Check water heater for leaks
  • Turn on exterior water supply
  • Plan landscaping to avoid soil settlement and water ponding


  • Inspect fences for damage
  • Check caulking for air and water leaks
  • Lubricate weather-stripping around doors and windows
  • Check exterior finishes for winter damage
  • Check that windows and screens are operating properly
  • Check area around septic system (if installed) and call an expert if you spot any erosion or water pooling.

Now we know that to-do lists always seem like a great idea until you forget all about them. It happens. A lot. This is one list you should keep posted in a prominent place so you don’t lose it. Let this checklist help you set up a regular schedule of check-ups and clean-ups. You can also visit Tarion.com for more seasonal maintenance tips. Many builders provide new homeowners with a manual during the pre-delivery inspection that has details on the construction and maintenance of your new home. Save this manual! What they provide you might include information from the manufacturers of specific products used in the home, like exterior siding, appliances and floor tiles. Buying a new home is one of the biggest investments many of us may make, so why not make sure you show your home some TLC all year round? With your maintenance tasks taken care of, you’ll be free to park yourself on a lawn chair to bask in the sunshine and enjoy your green grass and blooming flowers.

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