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Summer is the time for... warranty exceptions!
June 27, 2019
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Summer is the perfect time to enjoy your newly built home both inside and out.  But if you have exterior work that has yet to be completed, or if you experience problems with your builder-supplied air conditioner, fun may soon turn into frustration.  

It’s important to know that exterior work and air conditioning repairs may have different timelines for your builder than the regular warranty process. 

It’s important to know that exterior work and air conditioning repairs may have different timelines for your builder than the regular warranty process. 

Exterior work may take longer because of weather conditions, builder backlogs, lot grading, and municipal approvals.  In the case of air conditioning, a complete loss of cooling during summer months is considered an undue hardship that calls for a faster resolution.

Here’s an outline of three warranty exceptions you should be aware of during the summertime:

Exterior painting, concrete and mortar

Work to the exterior of your home such as painting, concrete, and brick repairs is referred to as “seasonal” under your new home warranty.  As a homeowner, you must report these items on a 30-Day, Year-End, or Second-Year Form (some defects continue to be covered into your second year, especially if they result in water penetration or if they involve the detachment or displacement of brickwork or siding). 

If your builder cannot correct a seasonal warranty item within the required timelines due to unsuitable weather conditions, they must complete the repairs as soon as possible after suitable weather conditions return or, in any case, between the following May 1 and September 1.

Grading, sod and driveways

Grading not done?  Still waiting for your new lawn?  How about your driveway?  This type of work is referred to as “special seasonal” under your new home warranty, and you need to report it to Tarion within the first year using a 30-Day or Year-End Form. 

Your builder has 270 days of seasonable weather from the date you took possession to complete any warranted special seasonal items.  If you’re unsure of your builder’s deadline for completing special seasonal warranty items or your window for requesting assistance from Tarion, refer to the important dates section in your MyHome account.

Air conditioning

Air conditioner control panel with plantWhen the mercury climbs outdoors, you want the inside of your home to be nice and cool.  If you experience a complete loss of cooling from your builder-supplied air conditioner, your builder should resolve the situation as soon as possible.  If you need warranty assistance from Tarion, let us know and we’ll be able to resolve the situation outside the normal warranty timelines.

Note to condominium owners

If your new home is a condominium unit, the items discussed above may be part of your building’s shared areas, or “common elements,” and therefore not covered by your unit warranty. If this is the case, report the issue to your condominium corporation’s Board of Directors so that it may be resolved under the separate common elements warranty.

Have an exceptional summer – but hopefully not in the warranty sense.  And if you have any questions, contact us.

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