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Start Right Program for New Builders

Start Right Program logoBeginning in 2017, all newly registered builders are enrolled in the Tarion Start Right Program.  The Start Right Program is an important part of how Tarion helps new builders start out on the right foot in the home building industry by providing timely information and education that will help them better fulfil their warranty obligations.

Builders in the Start Right Program can look forward to targeted education and communication pieces from Tarion at certain milestones in their careers like:

  • A welcome letter detailing education programs available to builders
  • Another check-in when they receive their first statutory warranty form
  • Alerts when new policies are introduced and when new builder education resources are made available.
  • Regulate updates from Tarion via Breaking Ground, Tarion's builder e-newsletter (builders will be automatically subscribed). 

Builders in the Start Right Program are also expected to attend a Tarion Builder Update session within their first year of registration, setting the stage for ongoing education in their careers.

By helping builders start their careers off on the right path, and working to ensure have the tools they need to meet their warranty obligations, Tarion is helping to raise the level of customer service and ultimately ensure a better new home ownership experience for Ontario’s new home buyers.