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Risk-Based Inspection Program

Tarion’s Risk-Based Inspection Program was created in response to a recommendation from Ontario’s Auditor General and replaces the previous Targeted Inspection Program. 

This page provides a general overview of the program. For more details, please refer to Registrar Bulletin 9.

What is the Risk-Based Inspection Program?

The Risk-Based Inspection Program consists of onsite inspections conducted by Tarion at key stages during new home construction. The purpose of these inspections is two-fold:

  1. To identify construction practices and technical issues that may represent future warranty claims; and,
  2. To provide a coaching opportunity between Tarion and a builder with a view to long-term improvement through best practices.

While the Risk-Based Inspection Program applies to all builders, it does not apply to all projects. Condominium projects that are required to meet  the reporting requirements outlined in Registrar Bulletin 19 (typically Type C & D condominiums) are currently excluded from the program.

Inspection Types

There are two types of inspections conducted under the Risk-Based Inspection Program, as outlined below. It is important to note that these inspections do not replace inspections required under the Ontario Building Code.

Site and Practices Inspections

Site and Practices Inspections are routine inspections on a representative sample of units under construction. These inspections are intended to facilitate builder education and to identify emerging trends and construction methods used by a builder that may lead to future warranty claims. 

Although Site and Practices Inspections are applicable to all builders, priority will be given to new builders, builders with an unsatisfactory compliance record, and builders who demonstrate one or more of Tarion’s risk factors.

Targeted Construction Inspections

Targeted Construction Inspections are more focused inspections that may be used in the following situations:

  • A serious issue (e.g. structural or health & safety concern) is identified during the Site and Practices Inspection;
  • A potential issue is reported to Tarion; 
  • A builder agrees to mitigate an identified risk; and/ or, 
  • It is deemed appropriate by Tarion.

A Targeted Construction Inspection is conducted at the specific building or unit in question with a senior representative from the builder (such as a site supervisor or principal). If required, Tarion’s representative may be accompanied by a third-party professional.

Builder Responsibilities

Builders selected for risk-based inspections are expected to comply with Tarion by scheduling a mutually acceptable time for the inspection and ensuring that the appropriate representatives are present.

If Tarion identifies any risks during the inspection, Tarion will provide the builder with a written summary of its findings. Builders are expected to respond to Tarion’s findings in writing within 10 business days. The builder’s response must include an outline of the method that will be used to address an identified risk as well as a timeline for resolving the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding risk-based inspections can be found here.

Contact Us

You can contact Tarion's Risk-Based Inspection group by sending an email to RBI.Program@tarion.com.