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Closing and the Warranty Certificate

The Certificate of Completion and Possession and Warranty Certificate (CCP/WC) contains information regarding the enrolment number of the home, the address of the home, the homeowners name, the date of possession/occupancy and the final sale price of the home.

The execution and submission of a CCP/WC is a requirement of your registration.

If you are registered with BuilderLink. a CCP/WC will be made available to you through BuilderLink for each home (freehold or condominium unit) you enrol. For a condominium project you will also receive a CCP/WC for the Common Elements portion of the project. (Please review the CCP/WC to ensure that the preprinted information is correct, i.e. municipal address of the home etc.)

If you’re not currently registered with BuilderLink, we encourage you to register today​​. BuilderLink is Tarion's online service for Vendor/Builders. With just a few clicks, you can:

• Enrol homes;
• Review Statutory Warranty Forms and reports;
• Track repair timelines;
• Manage inspections; and
• View service and administrative statistics

Register today​​ for BuilderLink.

If you’re not a BuilderLink user, the CCP/WC will be sent to you and it must be executed and returned to Tarion within 15 days of the closing or occupation of a home. You can submit your CCP/WC via mail to:

5160 Yonge Street, 12th Floor
M2N 6L9

Please see Builder Bulletin 34 for more details about the CCP/WC.