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Warranty Enrolment Fees

For freehold homes, the builder pays the warranty enrolment fee to Tarion on or before the date the building permit for the home is issued.  Condominiums are enrolled at least 30 days before construction begins. Tarion then gives the builder an enrolment number for the home. Some builders will include the warranty enrolment fee in the purchase price of the home, while others show it as an item on the Statement of Adjustments.
The cost of the warranty is based on a scale related to the sale price of homes and condominiums. Check the price range on the table below to find out the cost of the warranty on a home.

Once the home is possessed/occupied, the final sale price must be provided on the Certificate of Completion and Possession (CCP) and the applicable enrolment fee may be adjusted by Tarion.

Enrolment Fee Calculation Table (Effective July 1, 2012)