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How to Appeal a Tarion Decision

Please Note: Effective March 17, 2020, Tarion is implementing a new policy to suspend BAF processes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to read the full notice (PDF).

A builder who disagrees with the findings of a Tarion assessment - specifically whether an item is warranted or a conciliation is chargeable - can dispute the findings at the Builder Arbitration Forum (BAF).

The BAF Rules have been revised and updated following a recent review of this process. The BAF Procedural Rules, Builder Bulletin and other materials referenced on this page apply only to conciliation inspections requested on or after October 31, 2013.  These revised and updated documents are available through the links below.

For BAF appeals that involve a conciliation requested prior to October 31, 2013, please contact the Administrative Appeals Coordinator at baf@tarion.com.  The coordinator will provide the appropriate materials, such as the previous Builder Bulletin 41, procedural rules, and necessary forms. See Builder Bulletin 41R for additional details about the Builder Arbitration Forum.


The documents included in this section provide both a general overview and detailed account of the rules and procedures governing the Builder Arbitration Forum.  For a list of arbitrators, please contact the Administrative Appeals Coordinator at baf@tarion.com. ​

  1. BAF Procedural Rules
  2. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)​​
  3. Arbitration Application Package