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Registrar Bulletin 18

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RB18: Residential Condominium Conversion Projects


BB18 Reports (for use on approved RCCPs after January 1, 2018)

BB51 Requirements for FRCs

RCCP - Scope of Work Proposal

RCCP - Design Certificate - General

RCCP - Design Certificate - Code Consultant

RCCP - 60-Day Report

RCCP - Milestone Report 1, 2, 3, and 4

RCCP - Milestone Report 5

RCCP - Field Review Declaration

RCCP Pre-Existing Elements Fund Documents and Forms

RCCP Supplementary Documents and Certificates

RCCP Form 1

RCCP Form 2

RCCP Form 3

RCCP Form 4

RCCP Form 5

RCCP Form 6

RCCP Form 7

RCCP Form 8

RCCP Form 9

RCCP Form 10

RCCP Form 11