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    Construction Performance Guidelines

About the Guidelines

These helpful guidelines outline work and material deficiencies in new homes and residential condominium units covered under the statutory warranty [...]

Foundation Wall Leaks

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Acceptable Performance/Condition

Foundation walls shall allow no water penetration.


Two-Year - Basement Water Penetration. Water leakage resulting from improper maintenance, exterior grade alterations made by the homeowner, an act of God or failure of municipal services or other utilities is excluded from the statutory warranty. Secondary damage to property or any personal injury resulting from the water penetration is also excluded from the statutory warranty.


Defects resulting in water penetration through the basement or foundation shall be repaired.


Only actual trickling water leakage is warranted; dampness or condensation is not considered a warranted condition. The homeowner must take immediate steps to prevent damage to their property and report any losses to their home insurance provider. See Appendix A5 “How to Conduct a Water Test” for more information. See Also: 1.7 CONCRETE BLOCK FOUNDATION WALL IS CRACKED 1.10 CAST-IN-PLACE CONCRETE FOUNDATION WALL IS CRACKED 1.12 BASEMENT WALL OR FLOOR IS DAMP