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These helpful guidelines outline work and material deficiencies in new homes and residential condominium units covered under the statutory warranty [...]

Sod/Seeding Not Completed

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Acceptable Performance/Condition

Sod/seeding shall be installed in conditions conducive to growth, generally within one year of the occupancy of the home or within the time period required by governing municipal agreements or the phasing of the subdivision.


One-Year - Incomplete Work. One-Year - Work and Materials. · Sod/seeding that fails due to improper maintenance is excluded from the statutory warranty.


Builder shall complete sod/seeding installation when conditions conducive to growth exist. The installation of sod/seeding can coincide with subdivision phasing.


Identify any incomplete landscaping (that is the responsibility of the builder) at the PDI. Sod/seeding should only be installed when conditions are conducive to growth, typically mid-spring through mid-fall. The homeowner is responsible to maintain sod/seeding after installation is complete; maintenance requirements may vary. The installation of sod/seeding may be delayed as a result of: · Homes occupied when conditions are not conducive to growth · Phasing of sub-division work · Final grading related to municipal agreements. Growing conditions vary according to geographic location. See Also: 14.10 THE SHRUBS, TREE(S), PLANTS, OR SOD HAVE DIED