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These helpful guidelines outline work and material deficiencies in new homes and residential condominium units covered under the statutory warranty [...]

Water Ponding In Surface Grading Of The Site

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Acceptable Performance/Condition

The site shall be graded so that water does not generally accumulate adjacent to the building. Backfill against a foundation shall be graded to prevent drainage towards the building after settling. Where no grade is specified for a slope, a minimum gradient of 2% is considered acceptable; sodded or graveled areas may have a minimum gradient of 1%.


One-Year - Work and Materials. One-Year - Ontario Building Code Violations. · Subsidence of the land around the building or along utility lines, alterations by the homeowner such as landscaping or improper maintenance is excluded from the statutory warranty.


Site grading shall meet the acceptable condition by conforming to a municipally approved grading plan, or equivalent, where applicable. After the first year, the homeowner is responsible for maintaining the finished site grading to ensure ponding water does not adversely affect their premises.


Ponding may occur because grading may not always be finished at occupancy. Generally, municipalities control the grading patterns of building sites and builders must comply with approved grading plans for the installation of swales and slopes. Disturbed soil will naturally consolidate and cannot practically be prevented from settling; i.e., settlement of walkways and driveways is not covered by warranty. However, sufficient soil must be placed around the building to ensure acceptable drainage is maintained during the first year after occupancy. See Also: 14.13 SETTLING, HEAVING OR SEPARATING OF LANDINGS OR STEPS