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    Construction Performance Guidelines

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These helpful guidelines outline work and material deficiencies in new homes and residential condominium units covered under the statutory warranty [...]

Inadequate Heating

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Acceptable Performance/Condition

Heating systems shall be capable of maintaining an indoor air temperature of: a) 22°C in living spaces and unfinished basements b) 15°C in crawl spaces; at the design temperature for the geographical location.


One-Year - Work and Materials. Two-Year - Delivery and Distribution Systems. · Damage resulting from alterations, deletions or additions made by the homeowner and from improper maintenance is excluded from the statutory warranty.


Where the heating system is not capable of maintaining the prescribed temperature, repairs shall be made.


Several factors affect living space temperatures: a) Directional orientation - north-facing rooms are generally cooler than south-facing rooms. b) Windows - glass has little insulating value and allows more heat to escape from the room. c) Rooms over garages - have insulated floors that lose heat to the unheated garage below. d) Airflow - free airflow from the supply outlet in a room to a return inlet or undercut door is essential. Generally, a minimum 25 mm space under interior doors above the finished floor covering should be provided. e) Personal preference - personal comfort differs between individuals. f) Use of programmable thermostats. Balancing the air delivery system may not completely compensate for the effects of these factors. In determining the temperature of a room, measurements shall be taken in the center of the room at 1,500 mm above the floor. Heat loss calculations and duct designs assist in determining the furnace size and adequacy of the heating system. See Also: 8.8 HEATING, VENTILATING OR AIR CONDITIONING (HVAC) SYSTEMS NOT INSTALLED PROPERLY