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    Construction Performance Guidelines

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These helpful guidelines outline work and material deficiencies in new homes and residential condominium units covered under the statutory warranty [...]

Exterior Door Is Warped

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Acceptable Performance/Condition

Doors shall not warp to the extent that they become inoperable or cease to be weather resistant. Doors between a home and an attached garage must be maintained to be gas-proof.


One-Year - Work and Materials. Two-Year - Ontario Building Code Health & Safety Violation for doors requiring gas-proofing. • Damage resulting from improper maintenance or alterations, deletions or additions made by the homeowner is not covered by the statutory warranty.


Doors not meeting the acceptable performance shall be replaced.


Confirm proper operation of exterior doors during the PDI and record any malfunction on the PDI Form to avoid any dispute about whether the damage was caused by the builder. Exterior doors can warp to some degree due to temperature differential between inside and outside surfaces. Garage doors between the garage space and the outdoors are not required to be weatherstripped. See Also: 3.13 EXTERIOR DOOR STICKS 3.14 EXTERIOR DOOR WILL NOT CLOSE COMPLETELY 3.15 PLASTIC MOULDING ON EXTERIOR DOOR IS DEFORMED 3.17 EXTERIOR DOOR IS CROOKED IN THE FRAME