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Air Conditioning

Defects in work or materials that result in problems with your builder-supplied air conditioner are covered under the one year warranty. They should be reported on your 30-Day or Year-End Form and they will be serviced by your builder according to the timelines outlined in the Statutory Warranty Process section, with one exception. A complete lack of cooling between May 15 and September 15 inclusive during the first year of possession of your home may be reported to Tarion separately and will be resolved more quickly. Report the problem to your builder immediately so they can assess the situation and resolve the matter.

Air conditioning problems are covered under the one year warranty.

If you also wish to report the item to Tarion, we will assist you in determining whether it is an exceptional situation and if so, we will ask you to complete and submit an Air Conditioning Form, available by contacting Tarion. Your builder will be given 30 days from the date that we receive your form to correct the complete lack of cooling, if it is warranted. If they fail to do so, you will have 30 days to contact us and request conciliation. Tarion will schedule a conciliation inspection and send you a report regarding your claim within 10 days of your request