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Seasonal Warranty Items

Seasonal Warranty Items are items on the exterior of or outside your home that can only be repaired effectively in favourable weather conditions. The period from May 1 to November 15 is generally considered to have suitable weather conditions for making such repairs.

Seasonal Warranty Items include:

  1. Exterior painting.
  2. Exterior cement/concrete work (including parging application/repair).
  3. Exterior mortar work (including brick installation/repair).
  4. Exterior stucco work/repairs (including repairs to exterior insulation finishing systems).
  5. Exterior caulking.
  6. ​In-ground support for decks.

These items should be listed on your 30-Day, Year-End or Second-Year Form, as appropriate. They will be dealt with according to the timelines set out in the Statutory Warranty Process, subject to suitable weather conditions as described above. If your builder cannot complete or repair a Seasonal Warranty Item within the required timelines due to unsuitable weather conditions, he/she must do so as soon as possible after suitable weather conditions return, and in any event between the following May 1 and September 1.

If for any reason your builder does not complete or repair a Seasonal Warranty Item to your satisfaction within this time period, you have 30 days (until October 1) to contact us and request our assistance. If you do not do so, the Seasonal Warranty Items listed on your Statutory Warranty Form will be considered resolved and the matter will be closed.

Note: You may resubmit the item at a later date if the warranty covering the item is still in effect.