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The Homeowner's Role

The Homeowners Role







There are a few things you must do to protect your home’s statutory warranty. Doing so will help ensure that you have a successful new home experience – failing to do so could put your home’s statutory warranty in jeopardy.

The simplest way to manage your warranty is through Tarion's online portal, MyHome

  1. Attend the Pre-Delivery Inspection (“PDI”). This is your chance to view your home with your builder and assess its condition before you take possession. It is essential that you note any deficiencies including incomplete, damaged or missing items on the PDI Form provided by your builder. This is also an opportunity to learn how to operate your home’s systems, including heating, electrical, plumbing and air conditioning.​
  2. ​Keep track of your warranty deadlines. Submitting your warranty forms on time will ensure you don’t lose your warranty rights. Take note of your 30-Day, one year, two year and seven year deadlines so you don’t miss any important dates. The most convenient way to stay on top of your coverage is to register for Tarion’s web-based service, MyHome. This is the easiest way to manage important warranty deadlines, submit forms and keep track of all the correspondence between you and Tarion. Click here to register now.
  3. ​Send a copy of your completed Statutory Warranty Form(s) to your builder. Remember to always submit a copy of your Warranty Form to your builder so he/she can repair or resolve the items. 
  4. Stay in touch with your builder to ensure there are no miscommunications. You may wish to open up a mutually agreed upon e-mail channel with your builder to allow for ease of communication and to provide a record of communications.
  5. ​Allow the builder access​ to your home to fix any deficiencies. After you submit a Statutory Warranty Form, your builder has a specific period of time to repair or resolve warranted items. Be sure to provide your builder and tradespeople with access to your home during regular business hours to make any necessary repairs. If these items are not resolved within the appropriate time period, you have 3​0 days to contact Tarion to request a conciliation inspection. If you do not contact us within those 30 days, we will not be able to help resolve the situation.
  6. Maintain your home. Improper maintenance can affect warranty ​eligibility. A year-round maintenance schedule is available here. Also refer to any additional maintenance guidelines that your builder provides. 
  7. ​Read through your purchase agreement and review it with a lawyer. The purchase agreement is a serious legal contract between you and your builder setting out the terms of your new home purchase. It is important that you understand what these terms are.

For information about which construction deficiencies are and are not covered by the statutory warranty, please see the Construction Performance Guidelines.​