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Next Steps: Sign Up for MyHome

Supporting imageThe easiest way to stay on top of your coverage is to register for Tarion’s web-based service, MyHome.

By registering online, many of the more onerous tasks of managing your warranty, such as remembering deadlines and keeping track of the correspondence, is done for you.


This service also allows you to:

  1. ​Securely submit statutory warranty forms.
  2. View forms submitted to, and official correspondence received from, Tarion regarding the home. 
  3. ​Receive email alerts with personalized warranty timelines, including key due dates for form submission and inspection requests.
  4. ​Access key statutory warranty information specific to your home, and manage it all in one safe, secure place.
  5. ​Schedule a Tarion conciliation inspection.

How to register for MyHome

You will need to provide your home’s enrolment number and occupancy date (which is the warranty start date). This information is on Tarion’s Certificate of Completion and Possession (CCP), provided by the builder.

Once you locate this information, simply click here to register for my home.