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    Homeowner Information Package

The Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)

The Pre-Delivery Inspection (“PDI”) takes place when your new home is ready for occupancy. It is the first opportunity to view your completed home and assess its condition before you take possession. During the PDI, you and/or an individual you select to attend (your designate) will be given the opportunity to examine the interior and exterior of the home with your builder or your builder’s representative. The objective of this inspection is to create a written record of all items that are incomplete, damaged, missing, inaccessible, not operating properly or otherwise deficient.

Providing your builder with a list of your issues and concerns to work from during your PDI may minimize later disputes as to who is responsible for damaged items.

If you identify a defect during your PDI, your builder should note it on the PDI Form to establish that it existed prior to closing and thus was something not caused by you. It is your builder’s responsibility to list these items and provide you with a copy of the completed PDI Form.

It is also the builder’s responsibility to explain how the various systems in your home function – including the heating, electrical, plumbing and air conditioning. It is very important that you understand how to operate your home’s systems because using them incorrectly could affect your warranty coverage.


Using a Designate at the PDI

You can have someone accompany you to the PDI or send a designate to attend on your behalf. There is no restriction as to whom you may choose to be your designate. However, if you intend to send a designate to the PDI, your builder may require notification in advance and written authorization that this person may sign the PDI Form or the CCP on your behalf. A Tarion Appointment of Designate Form should be filled out and sent to your builder should you choose to send a designate to your PDI