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What are Substitutions? What Happens to the PDI Form?

If your purchase agreement gave you the right to select certain items of construction or finishing, such as colours and styles, these usually cannot be substituted without your written consent.

In addition, if your purchase agreement states that your new home will include particular items (such as a certain model of sink or a specific brand of window) but does not give you the right to make a selection, then such items can only be substituted with items of equal or greater quality.​

If you think that an unauthorized substitution has occurred, it should be noted in the PDI Form, 30-Day and/or Year-End Warranty Form, as unauthorized substitutions are covered under the one year warranty. If you are unsure about your rights regarding unauthorized substitutions, you may wish to seek the advice of a lawyer.

What Happens to the PDI Form?

Once the PDI Form has been completed and signed, your builder will give you a copy for your records. Your builder will submit the original form to us if a conciliation inspection is scheduled or at any other time it is required by you or Tarion