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    Homeowner Information Package

What Should I Look for During the PDI?

During the PDI, you should identify:

  1. Damaged, incomplete or missing items.​
  2. Anything not operating properly or deficient in terms of workmanship or materials.
  3. Items that cannot be assessed because they are obscured from view or inaccessible.
  4. Any unauthorized “substitutions” of items you selected or were promised in accordance with your purchase agreement.

Be sure to examine both the interior and exterior of the home. While inside, look for things like:

  1. Chips in the porcelain or scratches on countertops.
  2. Damage to floors or walls.
  3. Doors and windows that are not secure or do not open and close easily. 

When you go outside, check things like:

  1. The quality of brickwork and siding.
  2. Whether window screens have been installed.
  3. The appearance of the driveway.


All such items should be included on the PDI Form. You should also bring a copy of your purchase agreement with you to the PDI for reference