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    Homeowner Information Package

The Builder's Role

The Builders Role







Your builder is responsible for following the customer service standards to address warranty items as required by Tarion.

Your builder must: 

  1. Provide information about Tarion at or before your Pre-Delivery Inspection (“PDI”). Your builder must also provide his/her contact information in case of an emergency.
  2. Conduct a PDI of your completed home before you take possession. At the PDI, your builder must provide you with a copy of a completed PDI Form noting any deficiencies, unauthorized substitutions or items that cannot be inspected because they are incomplete, missing, inaccessible or obscured from view. Your builder should also take some time to show you how to operate your home’s systems (including heating, electrical, plumbing and air conditioning). Any product warranty documents (such as furnace, hot water tank, shingles, siding or flooring) should be provided to you at this time.
  3. Provide a completed Certificate of Completion and Possession (CCP) for your home. This certificate includes the date of possession (the date on which your home is ready for occupancy and your builder transfers the right of occupancy of the home to you). This is also the date on which your home’s one, two and seven year warranties begin.
  4. Abide by the warranty regulations and timelines. The time periods for repairs may vary depending on whether the repair method would be affected by the weather.

Your builder may choose to offer higher end workmanship or materials and/or additional warranties over and above the statutory warranty. Refer to your purchase agreement to determine whether your builder has agreed to provide any additional work, materials or warranties on your home.