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Tarion's Role

Tarion's Role







Tarion is responsible for ensuring that new home builders provide the warranty coverage that homeowners are entitled to under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act ("the Act") and for ensuring they follow the customer service standards to repair or otherwise resolve warranted items.

We work with homeowners and builders to resolve disputes about statutory warranty coverage.

As set out in the Act, Tarion's responsibilities cover three main areas:

  1. Warranty enforcement. We work with homeowners and builders to help resolve disputes about statutory warranty coverage, however, Tarion is only able to become involved in a claim at a homeowner’s request. Be sure to file your Statutory Warranty Forms on time as you will not be able to request our help unless you do so. We also manage a guarantee fund to ensure that the statutory warranty provided to new home buyers is honoured if the builder refuses to do so, or in the event of builder bankruptcy. Tarion’s guarantee does not extend to any supplementary warranties provided by the builder or any contractual provisions beyond the statutory warranties.
  2. Builder licensing. We act as the Regulator of new home builders in Ontario, and as such are responsible for licensing all new home and condominium builders in the province. As part of the licensing process, builders must demonstrate that they have the technical experience, customer service capabilities and financial standing required to successfully build new homes in Ontario.
  3. ​Education. We offer a variety of information and resources to help homeowners and builders understand their rights and obligations under the Act. Should you have any questions about your home’s statutory warranties, please feel free to contact us during regular business hours at 1-877-9TARION (1-877-982-7466).