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Early Intervention by Tarion

Tarion’s Early Intervention process is designed for situations where the relationship between the homeowner and builder has become strained and/or the complexity of the issues make the warranty process difficult. Examples include situations where:

  • The homeowner and builder have reached an impasse that seems insurmountable;
  • There is a dispute over aspects of warranty obligations or coverage; and/or,
  • There is a belief that the homeowner or the builder is not operating in good faith (e.g., acts of intimidation or harassment).

What happens at an Early Intervention?

An Early Intervention is a meeting between the homeowner, builder, and Tarion representatives.  The intent of this meeting is to review the warranty process, the roles and responsibilities of all parties, and to encourage the homeowner and the builder to work together to resolve the issues.  

After the meeting, Tarion will provide a summary to you and your builder and explain next steps.  If further action is required, Tarion may offer facilitation, schedule an Investigative Inspection, or abridge the repair timelines and proceed directly to conciliation.

When and how can I request an Early Intervention?

You can request an Early Intervention by writing to Tarion’s customer service team.  Click here to fill out a contact form, or send an e-mail to customerservice@tarion.com.

Do I need to submit a warranty claim first?

No.  Early Intervention is an option that is available to homeowners even if a warranty claim has not been made to Tarion.

Is a warranty assessment made at an Early Intervention?

No.  Tarion does not determine whether a claim item is covered by the warranty at any time during the Early Intervention process.