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Facilitation By Tarion

Facilitation by Tarion is where a Tarion representative with dispute resolution training tries to bring about a resolution between you and your builder regarding warranty issues.

It is a voluntary process in which both you and your builder must be willing to participate.  If a resolution is reached, it must be something you both agree to.

When can I request a facilitation?

Facilitation may be offered by Tarion in three situations:

  1. During an Early Intervention;
  2. After you have requested a conciliation, and your claim items have not been resolved in the 30 days leading up to it; or
  3. You are challenging a Tarion Conciliation Assessment Report or have requested a Decision Letter from Tarion.

Can I ask for a facilitation even if I didn’t submit a warranty form?

No.  Tarion will only facilitate issues that are related to warranty claims and the warranty claims process. This means that you must submit a warranty form and request conciliation within the normal warranty timelines.

How do I request a facilitation?

If you are interested in trying this type of dispute resolution method, contact our customer service team.

What can I expect from Tarion during a facilitation?

Tarion strives for the highest ethical and professional standards in dispute resolution proceedings. Click here to learn more about our dispute resolution guidelines.