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Negotiation is where you try to resolve your dispute directly with your builder through discussion. There is little to no cost involved, and it can be fast, simple, and private. 

When can I use negotiation?

You can resolve problems directly with your builder at any time in the warranty process. 

How do I start a negotiation?

Contact your builder, explain the issue, and ask if they are willing to talk to you about resolving it.  Schedule the negotiation for another time, as this will give both you and your builder time to prepare.

How do I prepare for negotiation?

Focus on interests – both yours and your builder’s. Think about which concerns are most important to you and what outcome you want.  Consider the same from the perspective of your builder, and think about possible resolutions that strike a balance between you and your builder’s interests.

Negotiation Tips

  • Listen to your builder to understand their position.
  • Don’t make it personal.  Focus on the issues and how to fairly settle your differences.
  • If a solution is proposed during negotiation, compare it to the best result you could achieve without negotiating. 
  • Before reaching an agreement, ensure that all the actions you and your builder must take as part of it are within your respective control. 
  • Record all details of your agreement in writing, and have it witnessed and signed.  Ensure that you and your builder have a copy.