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If the Warranty Assessment Report contains items that are covered by the warranty, Tarion will contact you 30 days after the date of the report to determine if your builder has resolved them to your satisfaction.

What happens if my claim is still not resolved?

Tarion will schedule a claim inspection or complete a desk assessment.  The purpose of the claim inspection or desk assessment is to determine if your warranty claim has been resolved by your builder in an acceptable manner.

If Tarion determines that your builder failed to resolve your claim, Tarion will work directly with you to resolve it.  Tarion will resolve your claim by either:

  • Providing monetary compensation to you for the value of the repairs, or
  • Arranging for repairs to be done

In determining the appropriate resolution, Tarion will consider, for example:

  • The scope and cost of the repair required to resolve the warranted item;
  • Whether you have held back any funds owing to the builder
  • Whether you have unreasonably refused the builder's proposed repair; and,
  • Whether you have received any other compensation for the item (e.g. insurance claim).

What are the roles of the homeowner, the builder, and Tarion during this time?


  • Advise Tarion if the builder did not resolve warranted claim items
  • If the builder’s repairs are considered to be inadequate, provide supporting information to Tarion (e.g. photographs, an expert report, or other type of documentation)


  • Attend the claim inspection and provide a position on outstanding claim items
  • If the homeowner feels that a proposed repair or settlement offer is inadequate, provide supporting evidence to Tarion that proves otherwise


  • Contact the homeowner to confirm whether warranted claim items have been resolved
  • If warranted claim items have not been resolved, schedule a claim inspection to review items and gather information from the owner and builder
  • Determine the compensation or repair the homeowner is entitled to receive to resolve the warranted claim items

Resolving a warranty dispute

Other dispute resolution methods you may consider at this time include:



Facilitation by Tarion

Independent Mediation