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How to Appeal a Tarion Decision?

​Homeowners who disagree with a Tarion decision can first send a request through the How to Submit a Complaint process.

Homeowners who feel they have been treated unfairly can make a complaint to the New Home Ombuds.​ 

If, after going through the How to Submit a Complaint process, homeowners still disagree with a Tarion decision, they can consider independent mediation. To learn more about independent mediation, click here

Homeowners can also make an appeal  through the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT), an impartial appeals process that was created for consumers by the Ontario government. The first step in the LAT process is to ask Tarion in writing for a Decision Letter which will specify which item(s) are being denied coverage.

To learn more about LAT, please visit the Tribunal's information page found here.