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When can I submit a warranty form?

The table below outlines the warranty forms you can submit to Tarion and when they will be accepted. For your specific form submission deadline dates, refer to your MyHome account or contact us.

Warranty Form Warranty Period Submission Period
30-Day Form Year 1 Within 30 days after the date of possession/occupancy*
Year-End Form Year 1 Within the last 30 days before the first anniversary*
Delayed Closing/Occupancy Form Year 1 Any time during the first year of warranty coverage
Second-Year Form Year 2 Any time during the second year of warranty coverage
Major Structural Defect Form Years 3-7 Any time during your home's seven years of warranty coverage


*Effective September 14, 2020, homeowners will have a 10-day grace period on the 30-Day From submission period. Homeowners will also have a 10-day grace period on the Year-End Form submission period provided they supply written evidence that they reported items to the builder within the one-year warranty period. Examples would be that the homeowner reported the defect to the builder on any prior warranty forms, emails or other written materials during the first-year warranty period and by a method of written communication that was previously used between the parties to communicate about the home. Note that Pre-Delivery Inspection Forms are not acceptable written evidence for the year-end grace period. For more information about these and other interim measures to protect homeowners, click here.