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QFE Application/QFE Documents

Qualification of Enrolment

Once you decide you want to Sell and/or Build new homes, you must obtain approval to do so. In order to obtain approval, you must complete and submit a Qualification for Enrolment Application (QFE) and provide the applicable supporting documents for review.  For each QFE application, the vendor/builder will be required to provide their proposed construction plans for how many homes they plan to sell/build. Once your approved enrolment limits have been used, you will be required to submit further QFE applications for any additional homes you plan to sell/build.

Vendor/Builders are encouraged to review how many homes are still left on their previously confirmed QFE Application Terms & Conditions through BuilderLink to determine if a new QFE application needs to be submitted to Tarion. 

If you have access to Builderlink you can submit a QFE application via BuilderLink. If you do not currently have a BuilderLink account and you are licensed with the HCRA or the HCRA is processing your license application, you can start the QFE application process with Tarion

Tarion will not be able to finalize any QFE application until the HCRA has issued the Vendor/Builder with a valid licence. You cannot sell or build without an approved licence from the HCRA, a confirmed QFE application and all required conditions of the QFE application have been satisfied.


Annual Review

Once your QFE application is finalized, an annual review will be required for vendor/builders of Standard Condominium projects up until the condominium project(s) are registered. For all other home types such as freehold, contract homes, other non-standard condo projects such as Vacant Land and Parcel of Tied Land Condominiums (POTL), instead of requiring you to complete an annual review form we will be conducting ongoing internal risk monitoring by reviewing data and metrics related to performance, claims, reserves, and insolvencies. Should that monitoring indicate any concerns, Tarion will then conduct individual reviews with the vendor/builder.

Please note, while there is no formal submission required for construction plans as part of an annual review, vendor/builders will be required to submit a new Qualification for Enrolment (QFE) when their previous enrolment limits from confirmed QFE applications have been used.

If you have any questions about the QFE process or the Annual review, please contact the Underwriting department at Underwriting@tarion.com.   For questions about BuilderLink or to get access to BuilderLink please contact BuilderLink@tarion.com


Vendor Agreement

The Vendor Agreement sets out the obligations of the Vendor – the person who will be entering into sales of homes (land and dwelling) or agreeing to build a home on a person’s land under a construction contract. The Vendor is primarily liable for performance of the deemed statutory warranties provided by the vendor to homebuyers under the New Home Warranties Plan Act.

Vendor Agreement (PDF)

Builder Agreement

The Builder Agreement sets out the obligations of the Builder – the person who will be building homes under a contract either with a licensed vendor or with a consumer landowner wanting to have a contract home built on their land.

Builder Agreement (PDF)

Vendor and Builder Agreement

The Vendor and Builder Agreement sets out in one document the obligations of the Vendor and of the Builder. This can be used where the person signing the document is either: i) a vendor who proposes to offer to sell, agree to sell or sell one or more new homes and is also the person who proposes to build such homes; or ii) a contract home builder who proposes to enter into a construction contract with an owner to build a new home (and as such is also a vendor).

Vendor and Builder Agreement (PDF)

Guarantee and Indemnity 

The Guarantee and Indemnity is a binding contract between you and Tarion. By signing the Guarantee and Indemnity you agree to guarantee the payment and performance of a vendor/builder's obligations to Tarion for homes covered by the warranties.

Guarantee and Indemnity (PDF)

Personal Net Worth Statement

An individual who signs a Guarantee and Indemnity is required to provide a Personal Net Worth Statement with supporting documentation. By signing the Personal Net Worth Statement, you declare that the information provided is true and correct.

Personal Net Worth Statement (PDF)

Condominium Project Profile Form

If you are proposing to build or sell a condominium project, you are required to submit a Condominium Project Profile Form with the Application for Qualification for Enrolment and/or Enrolment. If you are not registered on BuilderLink, you must print, manually complete, and submit the form by email to underwriting@tarion.com along with the Application.

Condominium Project Profile Form (PDF)

Deposit Trust Agreement - Freehold Project with Early Termination Conditions

This Deposit Trust Agreement applies if you are: (1) proposing to sell or build three or more freehold homes in a single location, either at the same time or consecutively, as a single coordinated undertaking; and (2) the purchase agreement for any of the homes includes an early termination condition premised on either or both of (i) the vendor reaching a specific sales threshold or (ii) the vendor receiving satisfactory financing to sell/build the home.

Refer to section 1 (c) of Schedule “A” in the following versions of the Addendum for more details: Freehold Form (Tentative Closing Date), Freehold Form (Firm Closing Date), Limited Use Freehold Form (Tentative Occupancy Date – POTL/CEC), Limited Use Freehold Form (Firm Occupancy Date – POTL/CEC).

Deposit Trust Agreement - Freehold Project with Early Termination Conditions (PDF)