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How to Get Registered

PLEASE NOTE: If designated, on February 1, 2021 the Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA) will assume responsibility for builder and vendor licensing in the province of Ontario. At that time, some of the functions addressed on this page will no longer be handled by Tarion. You can find out more here


Anyone planning to build and/or sell a new home in Ontario must be registered with Tarion and enrol the home(s) into the statutory warranty program.  

Registration Requirements 

Residential freehold and low-rise condominium construction under Part 9 of the Ontario Building Code:

  • Prior to making your application: Completion of seven educational competencies is required. Applications will be returned if all seven competencies are not in place.
  • A completed Application for Registration: See the "Getting Started" section below.
  • During registration assessment: A business interview with a Tarion representative.

Residential high rise condominium construction under Part 3 of the Ontario Building Code:

  • In addition to attending a mandatory orientation session and business interview with a Tarion representative, residential high rise condominium construction is subject to further auditing requirements and inspections during the building process.
  • Click here to find out more about the requirements for condominium construction.

More information on registration requirements can be found in the information sheet.

Residential condominium conversion projects: 

  • In addition to the other registration requirements for condominium construction, vendors and builders of a residential condominium conversion project must provide the Property Assessment Report, Capital Replacement Plan and Pre-Existing Elements Fund Study before any sales of units or commencement of construction, as required by Builder Bulletin 51. 
  • Click here to find out more about the registration requirements for residential condominium conversion projects. 

Getting Started

To begin the registration process, complete the application for registration online.
If you're unable to complete the online application, please contact the Licensing and Underwriting department at 1-877-696-6497 ext. 3001 or via e-mail.


If you have questions or need assistance please contact the Licensing and Underwriting department at 1-877-696-6497 ext. 3001 or via e-mail.
Your application, approval and registration is subject to the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act, applicable Builder Bulletins and any and all further terms and conditions which may be placed on your registration, i.e. the posting of security, a limit on the homes you will be allowed to build, etc.