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How to Conduct a Pre-Delivery Inspection

At the Pre-Delivery Inspection, builders must either complete Tarion's standard Pre-Delivery Inspection Form (PDI Form), or they may use their own PDI Form, provided it contains, at minimum, all of the information that is contained in Tarion's standard PDI Form. 

Please note that the completed PDI Form is a formal record of the home’s condition before the purchaser takes possession.  It will be used as a reference for future warranty service requests. Be sure to complete the PDI Form clearly and ensure that the purchaser signs and initials any and all changes.

How do I conduct the PDI and use the PDI Form?

  1. Begin the inspection at either the highest or lowest point of the home and work systematically from room to room until every area of the home has been inspected. Devote as much time to inspecting the exterior as the interior, assessing the exterior finishes and the driveway, walkways, decks and patios, as well as landscaping. Test and demonstrate all of the home’s features and systems. 
  2. Note on the PDI Form anything damaged, missing, incomplete or not in good operating condition.  Also note items that cannot be inspected because they are inaccessible or cannot be viewed for any reason at the time of the PDI. 
  3. Condominium builders should remind purchasers which parts of their unit are covered under the common elements warranty for the condominium project and, therefore, are not part of the PDI for their unit. This can include, for example, the heating system and even some of the exterior items in the unit like the windows. 
  4. Sign the completed PDI Form and ensure the purchaser (or the purchaser’s designate) also signs it. Purchasers who intend to designate someone to conduct the PDI in their place should ensure they provide written authority allowing the designate to sign the PDI Form on their behalf. 
  5. Provide a copy of the completed PDI Form and a copy of the Certificate of Completion and Possession and Warranty Certificate (CCP/WC) to the purchaser(s) on the pre-delivery inspection date and retain a copy for your files.