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The Pre-Delivery Inspection

A Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) is mandatory for all new homes - both freehold and condominiums. Builders must include a provision in every Agreement of Purchase and Sale or construction contract, in which the parties agree that the purchaser (or the purchaser's designate) and the builder will meet at the home on or before the date of possession to conduct the PDI.

The Importance of the PDI​

The PDI is the best opportunity to acquaint your customer with their new home and to record any damaged, incomplete or missing items, or anything that is not operating properly on the PDI Form.

The PDI is also a good time to reinforce the positive relationship you have built with your purchaser. For more information on using the standard PDI Form, builders and vendors should review How to Conduct a Pre-Delivery Inspection.

What if the purchaser cannot attend?

The minimum customer service standard allows a purchaser to attend the PDI with a designate or appoint a designate to attend the PDI in his/her place.  There is no restriction as to who the designate may be, so a professional home inspector or any other person is permitted to attend the PDI either with the purchaser or in their place as a designate.

Builders may conduct a PDI without the purchaser present if they have made best efforts to arrange the inspection but neither the purchaser nor a designate is able to attend.  A builder’s best effort should include:

  • Contacting the purchaser well in advance to set up a mutually convenient time; 
  • Providing the purchaser with a few reasonable choices of date and time; and
  • Explaining to the purchaser that he/she can send a designate instead of attending personally.

It should be noted on the PDI Form as well as the Certificate of Completion and Possession and Warranty Certificate (CCP/WC) that the purchaser did not attend the PDI.​​